Uvanart: Ready For A Blue Ocean Shift?

Case Solution

Kevin Zhou, Josephine Lau
University of Hong Kong ()

The case summarizes the development of a contemporary online furniture brand in China and the development path to ride the wave of digital retail. From an art store in Beijing’s 798 Art District to an online furniture brand in Tmall, Uvanart has established itself as an “affordable and artsy” furniture brand and has gained a considerable following in recent years. But China’s home furnishings market is very competitive. Traditional furniture brands Oppein (ʨßÊ ¥ æÂÆ∂ ± Ö), Soufeiya (Á ¥ ¢ Ëè≤ ‰ ∫ö) and Homekoo (Â∞öÂìÅÂÆÖÈÖç) have gone public. Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent have partnered with shopping center operators Easy Home ( ± ÖÁÑ∂ ‰ πãÂÆ∂) and Red Star Macalline (Á∫ ¢ ÊòüÁæéÂáØÈæô) to enter the growing market. Online furniture design brands such as Zaozuo (ÈÄ † ‰ Ωú) and Ziin (ê ± Èü≥) have captured the hearts of China’s millennial consumers, as well as venture capitalists seeking high-growth investment opportunities. . Growth and size are critical to Uvanart for years to come. Was the “affordable and artsy” branding strategy a sustainable differentiation?

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