The Obamacare Website

Case Solution

Derrick Neufeld, Ning Su, Brad Evans
Ivey Publishing ()

In October 2013, the United States Secretary of Health and Welfare will be tasked with making decisions on a website project,, which is a critical component in delivering the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare”, to the American people. The bill is a cornerstone but controversial Obama administration policy aimed at improving access to health care by providing health insurance to uninsured Americans. Unfortunately the project is over budget and delayed. Due to political reasons that forced the website to be implemented before its completion, the website crashed, causing anger and frustration among users who were unable to log in or obtain information about the program. Since the act was never actually endorsed by representatives of the Republican Party, the website’s failure sparked a political firestorm that appears to have more to do with the resumption of a media debate on Obamacare than the website’s launch issues. Also in the spotlight is CGI, a Canada-based technology company that is responsible for the overall design, development and execution of the project.

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