Subtle Biases and Covert Prejudice in the Workplace

Case Solution

Joerg Dietz, Leah Hamilton
Ivey Publishing ()

Subtle biases and covert biases affect interactions in the workplace. Subtle biases are automatically activated associations or stereotypes that associate groups (eg, men and women) with attributes or traits (eg, occupation or home) that are often beyond our awareness. Hidden biases refer to hidden negative opinions about members of other groups. Managers and business leaders can benefit both from understanding how subtle biases and covert biases can turn into discriminatory behavior and from learning to deal with them in a way that avoids such biases and prejudices. The notice consists of four sections, each of which can be read individually: Management Relevance, Subtle Biases, Covert Biases, and Subtle Bias Avoidance and Covert Biases.

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