Phenicoptere: Taking GLOV Global

Case Solution

Aleksandra Wasowska
Ivey Publishing ()

On September 15, 2014, the CEO and Vice President of the startup Phenicoptere Ltd. on his way home to Poland. They come from a meeting with Armelle S.A. in Marseille, France, to return its innovative product, a make-up remover glove called GLOV, to the global retail chain of Armelle S.A. on sale. “It’s not exciting?” the CEO asked how often such a small company has the opportunity to speak with buyers from a global retail chain. “The vice president of the company was not that enthusiastic.” It’s great that we can talk to them, “he said. “But I am not sure if this association is a good idea. And by that I don’t just mean exclusivity. There is something else. We cannot afford to wait another year to sell internationally ”. The two businessmen sat down and wondered if a partnership with Armelle S.A. the best way is to use Phenicoptere Ltd. spread all over the world.

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