MightyWell (TM)

Case Solution

Andrew Zacharakis, Alan Simonian
Babson College ()

A college businesswoman named Emily Levy started MightyWell when she faced a personal challenge after she was diagnosed with chronic, or better known, Lyme disease after treatment. Emily saw the need for an improved cloth sheath to fashionly protect and conceal a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) wire inserted into her arm to deliver antibiotics to her heart. Over the course of two years while completing her undergraduate degree, Emily designed, developed, manufactured, and sold her product while she built her business [1]. She competed in 17 business contests and won 15 awards before receiving $ 250,000 as the winner of the 2016 Babson Breakaway Challenge. Emily is now rebranding and pursuing a product expansion initiative to transform her business from a standalone product to a clothing brand. wellness programs [2] and products that appeal to a broader range of medical patients.

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