Innovis Telecom: Entrepreneurial Internationalization

Case Solution

Africa Arino, Katherine Tatarinov

Innovis was a telecommunications services startup founded in India in 2010. Due to certain government regulations prohibiting the importation of telecommunications equipment from China, Innovis managers saw that the company’s survival was in jeopardy and that it would have a competitive advantage. higher if it offered its services in countries outside of India. In the first five years of its existence, the company had already expanded to eight countries in Asia and Africa with limited resources. Each new market meant that the already limited resources of Innovis were increasingly strained and some activities in other countries even had to be interrupted. The company offered two types of managed services (with a focus on planning and maintaining the network infrastructure) and consulting services. Although consulting services often yielded higher margins, these projects were short-term in nature and did not provide business continuity planning. So managers didn’t just want to select new geographic areas, they wanted to strategically expand only when managed service projects hit the market. This made it more difficult when in 2015 three new managed services offerings were introduced simultaneously in three new countries, Ghana, Tanzania and the Philippines. The managers of the executive team outlined the details of each opportunity and had a week to present their decision on the next expansion to the board, as only one project could be addressed due to limited resources.

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