Guardian Air: Planning a Decision Process for Helicopter Engines

Case Solution

Timothy S. Clark
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

Given operational limitations due to suboptimal helicopter engines operating in hot climates at high altitudes, an ambulance operator’s program manager must plan a decision-making process to consider upgrading one’s engines, many or all of the seven helicopters in your program. Long before presenting the decision to the executives or the board of directors of your parent, you should compile lists of relevant quantitative variables and your knowledge of them, factors and qualitative considerations, as well as the stakeholders and their interests to structure a process methodically. to better advance discussions with your colleagues to achieve a more efficient and effective outcome. Presented as a qualitative decision-making task, this case focuses on the first steps of rational decision-making processes such as “defining the problem” and “identifying the criteria” without going beyond a decision recommendation. The case, which is intended for the first weeks of executive decision-making courses, is characterized by the value of considering the structure of complex decision-making processes in a comprehensive manner as a prerequisite for subsequent steps. Particularly for students who understand “making decisions” like using calculators and spreadsheets, this case aims to demonstrate the value of the previous steps in decision-making processes that involve complexity, uncertainty, and colleagues who “need to be on the same page. “of the trail. Additionally, the vibrant intersection of the healthcare industry with flight operations is designed to increase student interest with contextual information on how the medical transportation industry works.

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