Decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station: 2024 or 2054?

Case Solution

Peter C. Bell, Ken Mark
Ivey Publishing ()

In 2017, a strategic analyst from the Ontario Department of Energy was asked to assess the potential for decommissioning the Pickering (Pickering) nuclear power plant in Pickering, Ontario, at the planned end of operations in 2024, rather than to wait until 2054. Pickering’s closure would cost $ 5.264 billion in 2016. Storage of the spent fuel would cost an additional $ 4.3 billion, for a total of $ 9.564 billion. Ontario Power Generation had allocated US $ 2.75 billion for the decommissioning of Pickering and the long-term storage of the spent fuel. To close the gap between personal contribution and demand, Ontario Power Generation invested in a decommissioning fund and assumed that its investments would increase in real terms by 3.25 percent annually. The strategic analyst had to investigate how much it would cost to close Pickering in 2024 compared to the cost in 2054.

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