A Non-Traditional Female Entrepreneur (B)

This is an addition to 9B11M016. The president and founder of New Deantronics (ND) opened her sales office in San Francisco, California in 1985 and established her factory in Taiwan in 1987. With her system of management strategy and management philosophy, the president of ND earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer and developer of …

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Barbara Krakow Gallery (B): Art and the Pandemic

It updates Case (A) by describing the initial impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the art market, the gallery’s renaming to Krakow’s Witkin Gallery, and the response of its partners and staff to the pandemic.

Taking Charge at Dogus Holding (A)

It describes the challenges 37-year-old Ferit Sahenk faced when he took over the Turkish company traditionally run by his father worth US $ 14 billion at a time of economic instability. To bring the large holding company into the 21st century, it is necessary to create a more institutionalized structure, in contrast to the very …

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Sy Friedland and JF&CS

Radically innovative thinker Sy Friedland was a decade or more ahead of the trends when he assumed command of the venerable Jewish Children & Family Service in Boston in the late 1990s. As a professional clinical social worker, Friedland was also a visionary who knew that the future of building sustainable social services and non-profit …

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A Non-Traditional Female Entrepreneur (A)

The president and founder of New Deantronics (ND) established her sales office in San Francisco, California in 1985 and established her factory in Taiwan in 1987. With no technical background or prior experience, through her strategy system and management philosophy, The President established ND’s reputation as a trusted manufacturer and developer of medical devices. All …

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Building Community at Terra Nova Consulting

This case describes the challenges faced by the president of an engineering and environmental services consulting firm (Terra Nova Consulting) as it seeks to address deep internal cultural divisions. Terra Nova began as a small niche firm that has expanded through internal growth and mergers to become an elite, international professional services firm. It was …

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Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise: A Hong From the Cold

Singapore, September 2016. For the Jebsen and Jessen families, Asia had been a foster home for over 120 years, not counting the years their ancestors were Danish seafarers in the treacherous waters of Asia. By 1895, two of them had put down roots in Hong Kong and established their first trading house, one of Hong …

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Murugappa Group: Centuries-Old Business Heritage and Tradition

A successful five-generation family business group in India is separating its ownership role from its operational leadership role to meet the demands of a more global economy. This includes the hiring of professional managers from non-family business units, as well as the inclusion of non-family directors on the company’s board of directors.

The Walt Disney Company

With 195,000 employees, operations in 45 countries, and annual sales of $ 55 billion, Disney is the world’s largest media and entertainment company. The strategic leadership of Walt Disney, Michael Eisner, and Robert Iger was instrumental in transforming Disney into such a colossal empire. The case covers Disney’s epic journey from its founding in 1923 …

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