American Dream

Explore the single-family home buying process through the eyes of a young couple. The couple are trying to figure out what kind of house they want and how to finance it.

SAS: Leadership in Business Intelligence

SAS: Leadership in Business Intelligence, set in 2007, tells the story of a large analytics software company that sees itself as a leader in an area loosely called business intelligence. The company is one of the world’s largest privately held companies, a world leader in business intelligence and analytics, and the 33rd largest software company …

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RKO Warner Video, Inc.: Incentive Compensation Plan

Describes the design and implementation of a bonus plan for video store managers. The problem for the chain’s top management is getting store managers to “push themselves”, keep business orderly and organized, and be courteous and efficient with customers. The design of the bonus plan is simple: Instead of trying to measure the neatness of …

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