Global brands such as L’Oreal and Oil of Olay dominate the Chinese skincare market. After some successes in partnership with Sephora in Europe, a Chinese national brand seeks to challenge the position of the French and US brands in the Chinese market. It has to decide how to segment the market, how to position itself …

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The Novartis Malaria Initiative

The Novartis Malaria Initiative was developed as a result of an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001 to provide a revolutionary “not-for-profit” treatment for malaria in public health systems. What began as an exemplary act of corporate responsibility has exceeded all expectations. In 2012, Novartis manufactured and sold more than 100 million …

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ETrade Securities, Inc.

ETrade pioneered the deeply discounted electronic brokerage business and has seen phenomenal growth through the extensive use of technology to achieve significant cost advantages over traditional companies. ETrade’s strategy was to pass on these cost savings through automation to its clients, as the fixed costs paid off across a larger number of accounts. In 1996, …

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K9FuelBar: An Energy Treat for Dogs

In 2015, a nutritionist and dog lover developed a new canine energy bar called K9FuelBar. This product is made with totally natural and non-genetically modified organic ingredients. During an investigation, the product developer discovered that there might be a small but sufficient market for his product to be commercially viable. At that point, he had …

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Supply Chain Management at World Co. Ltd.

It describes a supply chain with very short response times (i.e. two weeks) and allows students to study how such short response times are achieved. It allows students to explore why other supply chains with much longer response times may not be able to reproduce this performance.

Insteel Wire Products: ABM at Andrews

In 1996 Insteel introduced an activity-based calculation system (ABC). He considers pallet nails to be his most profitable product and decides to expand the number of cells used to make pallet nails from two to four. A repeat of the 1997 ABC study shows that pallet nails have become the least profitable product.

Goodyear: The Aquatred Launch (Condensed)

Goodyear plans to launch an innovative new tire in a highly competitive and price sensitive category. The case addresses channel conflicts and management issues that arise in mature product categories.

Hamilton: An American Musical

In July 2013, composer, writer, actor, and rapper LinManuel Miranda, director Tommy Kail, and producer Jeffrey Seller met to discuss how Hamilton could bring a new musical to market based on the life of the United States’ first secretary of the Treasury. , Alexander Hamilton. With a hip-hop score and an ethnically diverse cast unmatched …

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TH!NK: The Norwegian Electric Car Company

On August 1, 2007, JanOlaf Willums’ 61-year-old plane flew back to Norway along the Greenland coast after intense discussions with several major US venture capitalists, including Kleiner. Perkins and Rockport Capital Partners, on investing in one. He plans to accelerate his company’s entry into the North American market. Willums, a successful engineer, entrepreneur, and champion …

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