Building Effective Working Relationships, Module Note

This notice provides a framework for consciously building effective interpersonal relationships. We will first define the necessary attributes of these relationships. Next, we’ll look at common barriers to effectiveness. Eventually, we will provide tools to build and maintain these relationships.

Negotiation Analysis: An Introduction

Provides an overview of the seven elements of negotiation analysis. These elements include BATNA (Roads without Agreement), parties, interests, value creation, barriers to agreement, power, and ethics. Illustrations come from different contexts (from buying a car to selling a business, to dispute resolution and international diplomacy).

Reverend Jeffrey Brown: Cops, Kids and Ministers

Features Reverend Jeffrey Brown, co-founder of the Ten Point Coalition in Boston, Massachusetts, The Rate of Youth Violence in Boston. He describes the unique history of Boston and how the Boston coalition succeeded. The question is whether the success can be repeated in other cities around the world.

Managing Your Career

Designed to serve as a background reading for the Career Management module of the Power and Influence MBA elective in the sophomore year. Describe how leaders learn and develop through workplace experiences. Describe a model for unleashing the “success syndrome” by building power and influence throughout a career. It also identifies some of the particular …

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Todd Williams: Finance in the Middle (A)

A finance manager at a large pharmaceutical company is on loan to a new new subsidiary, leading to an ambiguous reporting structure. When an executive three levels above him wants information his temporary supervisor has deemed confidential, his career appears to hang on what he does next. Developed for use in an MBA organizational behavior …

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Glass-Shattering Leaders: Barbara Hackman Franklin

Barbara Hackman Franklin was one of the first women to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School. She later broke barriers in the public and private sectors and rose to leadership positions in business and government. In the 1970s, she led a successful White House initiative to recruit more women to high-level positions, change the …

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What It Really Means to Manage: Exercising Power and Influence

Describe the realities as opposed to the myths of what it means to be a manager. He focuses particularly on the limits of formal authority as a source of power and identifies other sources of power on which effective managers depend. He also describes a framework for exerting influence (the law of reciprocity) and for …

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Nadine Vogel: Negotiating Life and Work

Even as a teenager, Nadine Vogel knew she wanted to become a manager for a FORTUNE 500 company. This case documents her trajectory and life and career choices, from college to her decision to leave Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, where she led the creation of a new division to help parents of children with disabilities. …

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