Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in Motion

Evan Siddall, newly appointed CEO of Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, a government agency focused on the housing market, is tasked with leading organizational change. The case follows this process of change step by step and sheds light on the challenges Siddall faces. After two years of leading change, Siddall asks: Should he continue to push …

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Blurring the Lines Between Business and Government: Salesforce and CEO Activism

This case concerns CRM technology company Salesforce and its CEO Marc Benioff. In 2015, then-Governor Mike Pence enacted the new Indiana State Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The RFRA has been criticized for legalizing blatant discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or eligible (LGBTQ) community. With Salesforce recently expanding to Indianapolis, hoping for future …

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Power and Influence: Achieving Your Objectives in Organizations

Power is the potential to mobilize energy. This fairly neutral definition does not address the question of how power is exercised or for what purposes. The answers to these questions determine the ultimate value of an individual’s power. This note was written to help readers analyze the social system in which its power exists and …

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Mat MacGregor (B)

Describe how Mat MacGregor approached the questions posed at the end of case (A).

Patricia Hughes Mason

It features profiles written by six members of the 1976 HBS class from Meetings 10 and 20. The six students represent a cross-section of the 1976 class and give a snapshot of life at the time of the meetings.

Jonah Creighton (A)

How do you handle yourself and your interactions with others when you feel challenged in your personal values? What should you keep in mind when it comes to sensitive ethical issues? Jonah Creighton coordinates the company’s Fasttrack training program, and when he tries to place some students in two of the company’s overseas departments, he …

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Maggie Wilderotter: The Evolution of an Executive

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Maggie Wilderotter served as CEO of two publicly traded companies and served on 32 corporate boards and nine boards of associations and nonprofits. As CEO of Frontier Communications, a US telecommunications company with more than $ 25 billion in assets, Wilderotter made three major acquisitions that changed …

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