CityCenter (D): Financial Crisis, Grand Opening, and a New Paradigm

“CityCenter (D)” follows cases (A), (B) and (C) with subsequent chronological events until the opening of CityCenter in December 2009 and financial results until March 2010. The case includes a simple evaluation exercise directed to the CEO. to investigate Jim Murren’s options to avoid the bankruptcy of MGM MIRAGE. Case (D) gives Murren the option …

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The Incentive for Legacy: Tsinghua University Education Foundation

Vivian Yuan aims to support the fundraising efforts and investment goals of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation in a new era of Chinese higher education. Competing with the elite C9 League members of China’s top universities, she must develop a range of incentives and benefits for alumni and unaffiliated donors that can fill gaps in …

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Privatization of Anatolia National Telekom: TAD Confidential Instructions

Anatolia National Telekom is a multi-party negotiation simulation based on the Turkish government’s failed attempt to privatize its state telecommunications monopoly, Turk Telekom, in late 1997. It gives participants the opportunity to identify and negotiate complex issues related to valuation and sale of a state-owned company in an emerging market. Members of each negotiation team …

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The Grand Afroport: Confidential Instructions for the Representative of the African Union Commission Infrastructure Development

“The Grand Afroport” is an intercultural contextualization of the Harborco exercise at Harvard University. The case can be used in the context of multicultural and multiparty negotiations. Six parties are involved in this exercise: (1) The Grand Afroport, (2) the African Development Bank, (3) the African Union Commission for Infrastructure Development, (4) the Ministry of …

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Hang Lung Properties and the Chengdu Decision (B)

Second phase auction for a premium retail development package in Chengdu, China. Competition is forcing the company to rethink all of its property purchase criteria. Hang Lung Properties are known for their rigorous due diligence, property buying discipline, and a good understanding of market cycles. Case (B) shows the company’s assumptions in the Chengdu situation …

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Negotiation Analysis: An Introduction

Provides an overview of the seven elements of negotiation analysis. These elements include BATNA (Roads without Agreement), parties, interests, value creation, barriers to agreement, power, and ethics. Illustrations come from different contexts (from buying a car to selling a business, to dispute resolution and international diplomacy).

Negotiation in China: How Universal?

This is a fictional case where Universal Studios, a large US theme park and resort company, has to negotiate with China’s central government to build its first theme park in the country. Students are divided into groups and each student is assigned a role as one of the negotiators or as an observer. Negotiation topics …

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Ocean Drilling, Inc.

Management must choose between two mutually exclusive offers to build two oil rigs. Both offers are attractive foreign currency export credit financing.

Stock Options at Virtua.Net

It describes the problems faced by three young founders of a high-tech startup in Silicon Valley, including hiring an experienced CEO and negotiating with a potential venture capitalist. It focuses on the incentive and compensation aspects of trading with applicants (eg what percentage of capital is appropriate) and with venture capitalists (eg options to exercise …

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