Goldieblox: Toy Company and Copyright Infringement

In November 2013, GoldieBlox was charged with copyright infringement. He used the Beastie Boys song “Girls” in one of his ads promoting new toys for girls without permission. The company’s response to the filing of a lawsuit against the band was not well received and was perhaps a bit premature.

Leadership and Teaming, Module Note

Small differences in how teams are run can have a big impact on the success of your efforts. Many initiatives do not fail because of a fatal miscalculation or because of insufficient ideas, knowledge, motivation or skills to provide a solution. They fail because, as they often hear, “we had to be more of a …

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Beam Suntory: Striving for Optimal Post-Acquisition Integration

In response to the contraction of its domestic market, Japanese spirits company Suntory Holdings Limited acquired US spirits company Beam Inc. in 2014 to expand into the promising US market. Although the purchase price was high, executives at both companies were confident in the deal. However, when the newly merged company, Beam Suntory Inc., began …

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Monitor Technology: Chris Kerns (Supplement)

Pat Tallon is the corporate attorney for Monitor Technology’s parent company and has been asked to mediate a job performance dispute between Chris Kerns, a manager at MT Engineering, and Shannon Allen, an engineering support technician who works for Kerns.

Tata Motors in Singur: Public Purpose and Private Property (B)

In October 2008, Tata Motors closed its car factory in West Bengal in response to widespread protests by farmers over land acquisition problems. This meant ditching a project the company invested $ 300 million in and postponing the launch of the Nano, the cheapest car in the world. What strategy could Tata have followed to …

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Coley Andrews

Coley Andrews never knew that when he co-founded Pacific Lake Partners, a search fund investment firm, in 2009, he would spend as much time managing people as the company’s investment strategy. Pacific Lake had grown its portfolio to 30 operating companies plus 30 active search funds in the six years since its inception, and Andrews …

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Black Caucus Groups at Xerox Corp. (A)

In 1970, Xerox had a very advanced affirmative action program, but once hired, black employees faced serious problems, both due to outright discrimination and their exclusion from the informal support, information, and mentoring networks shared by other vendors. . Black workers responded by establishing seven independent advocacy groups in the United States. These black factions …

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