Teradyne Corp.: The Jaguar Project

Teradyne, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor test equipment, spent several years of effort improving its product development capabilities and implementing more formalized project management approaches. Investigates the development of a next-generation tester that spanned extensive hardware and software design. To do this, the company decided to implement new approaches in project management and project teams. …

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Hamilton Financial Investments: A Franchise Built on Trust

Provides a tool for students to assess risk management in the fast-paced mutual fund industry. A new risk manager has been hired to implement new management controls and procedures. A series of decisions will determine how much business and franchise risk the company takes.

Shelly London and Ethics Education, “Strengthening Our Moral Compass”

After a successful career as Senior Vice President, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at two large corporations, Shelly London has set herself the goal of empowering young people to make ethical decisions that they consider essential to success in the corporate world. She developed a portfolio of initiatives that offer young people the opportunity …

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Robert Mondavi Corp.: Caliterra (A)

The senior vice president of Robert Mondavi Corp. (one of the world’s leading producers of premium wine) and director of Mondavi’s Chilean joint venture is facing a number of quality issues with the Caliterra brand. At the same time, he has the unique task of building a state-of-the-art winery in Chile in less than 10 …

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Rein Chemical Co.: Specialty Division

This case describes the recent discovery of pervasive unethical pricing transactions by top management in a department and the differing views of top managers on how to respond. Students are asked to evaluate the management position and decide who should do what to solve the Rein Chemical Co. problem.The problem of improper pricing, which involves …

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Orientation for Viewing

Orients the student to the movie “Twelve O’Clock High”. It contains a list of characters and exhibits that summarize the evolution of the organizational structure of the 918th Bombing Group during the film. He also has students take notes on various stages in the organizational change process used by Frank Savage to change the performance …

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Videojet (B)

In 2005, Craig Purse, CEO of Videojet, a company recently acquired by conglomerate Danaher, faced the unexpected failure of a new high-tech printer that had just hit the market. The new product was the first real-world case in which the Videojet team used Danaher Business Systems (DBS) management processes. Was the failure of the new …

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The Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs: Carmen Segarra

Carmen Segarra, a recently hired auditor in the New York Fed’s oversight office for Goldman Sachs, strongly disagrees with her manager Mike Silva on whether Goldman Sachs has a viable general conflict of interest policy. Silva says “yes” and Segarra says “no.” This number is the latest to see Segarra see what she sees as …

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Legal Aspects of Management Series: Formalizing Business Relationships, A Note on Contract Formation for Managers

Provides managers with a basic understanding of the use of contracts to define, formalize and strengthen business relationships. Explain how managers can use properly structured contracts to increase predictability; to create or maintain valuable legal, financial and operational options; allow the parties to work cooperatively to increase overall value added; and distribute the opportunities and …

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Mat MacGregor (B)

Describe how Mat MacGregor approached the questions posed at the end of case (A).