Celtel International B.V.

Mo Ibrahim, CEO of Celtel International, the largest wireless operator in sub-Saharan Africa, has to decide on the future of his company. After an astonishing six years of going from minority positions in three countries to nearly $ 1 billion in sales and 14 offices in 13 countries, the company has three options: try an …

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CML Group, Inc.: Going Public (B)

It includes a description of some of the issues CML Group management faces as the company moves forward with its IPO. Topics and issues addressed in this case include: Considerations in selecting an underwriting team, The IPO market; IPOs as a mechanism for private investors to reap their investments; and short-term management responses to changing …

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The RealReal Inc.: Fashion Fad or Long-Term Investment?

RealReal Inc. (Real), a San Francisco, California-based startup that deals in used luxury goods, saw significant growth in revenue and customer base in fiscal year (FY) 2018, but was unable to do so after nine years of being profitable in business. The accumulated losses reported up to the quarter ended in March 2019 were $ …

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Thermo Electron Corp.

George Hatsopoulos, CEO of Thermo Electron Corp., is considering issuing shares in a subsidiary through an initial public offering (IPO). The company has developed an unusual corporate structure in which subsidiaries fund startups by raising debt and equity in the capital markets rather than through the parent company.

Shakey’s Initial Public Offering: The Dilemma of Investing

In early December 2016, a student member of the Philippine Fund of the Finance Lab at the Asian Institute of Management considered investing in the initial public offering (IPO) of Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. (Shakey’s). Shakey’s was the market leader in the full service restaurant chain in the Philippines and would be the fourth …

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Knight the King: The Founding of Nike

It had taken Phil Knight sixteen long years to make Nike the leading manufacturer of athletic shoes in the country. When Knight first conceived the company for an MBA class project, Adidas had a market share of more than 80%, but Knight’s marketing approach had revolutionized the industry, his company had developed several innovative footwear …

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Netscape’s Initial Public Offering

In August 1995, Netscape’s board of directors faced a decision on the company’s share price in its initial public offering (IPO). Demand for shares was high at the moment, but at the time of the offering the company had not yet generated positive earnings.

Interline Brands: Don’t Stop Believing

Interline Brands, a leading distributor of parts and equipment for home maintenance and repair in the United States, had just held its board meeting in November 2014. The meeting had been productive, but not without meeting the company’s leadership team and financial sponsors. Was now the right time to start a sales process? In particular, …

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AsiaInfo: The IPO Decision

The co-founder and CEO of AsiaInfo, a Chinese systems integrator who has built 70% of China’s Internet backbone, has to decide whether to go public in the US to fund future growth. He describes the company and the decision. A rewritten version of a previous case.

Infosys Technologies

Creating and maintaining a third world technology company to be globally competitive (i.e. first world) poses many challenges. These challenges are based on the emergence and development of the examined Infosys Technologies Ltd. under review. Important decisions of President N.R. Narayana Murthy stands out in particular.