Barbara Krakow Gallery (B): Art and the Pandemic

It updates Case (A) by describing the initial impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the art market, the gallery’s renaming to Krakow’s Witkin Gallery, and the response of its partners and staff to the pandemic.

Augusta National Golf Club Controversy (A)

The secret membership of the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club is widely believed to exclude women. When feminist lawyer Martha Burk receives a mysterious list of “members”, she has to decide how best to use this information to break the glass ceiling. Burk of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) takes on Hootie Johnson …

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Intellectual Property Intermediaries

Several different brokerage business models have emerged for the intellectual property (IP) market over the past five to ten years. This notice describes the most popular: non-practicing entities (or patent trolls), defensive patent aggregators, online IP platforms, live IP auctions, and IP exchanges.

The Stockton Enterprise Arcade: Incubate or Graduate?

In February 2016, the owner of a wool and yarn retail store at Enterprise Arcade, a non-profit retail incubator in StocktononTees, UK, had to meet with the manager of the game room. The Enterprise Arcade is in a central and prominent location in a troubled city in North East England and was opened by the …

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Pharmacyclics: Financing Research & Development

Pharmacyclics (NASDAQ: PCYC), a pharmaceutical company that makes products that will enhance existing therapeutic treatments for cancer, atherosclerosis, and retinal diseases, considered a $ 60 million private placement in February 2000. The company had more cash than ever, but the R&D and marketing spending projections were also unprecedented. PCYC’s most promising cancer drug, a radiation …

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Pricing and Partnership at Zillow, Inc.

As Zillow’s property search service continues to gain user acceptance, some real estate professionals are questioning Zillow’s policies, fees, and powers. Dissatisfied real estate professionals could remove Zillow listings, lowering the value of the service for users. Should Zillow adjust its approach to handling complaints?

Moda Operandi: A New Style of Fashion Retail

Moda Operandi is a startup in the fashion industry. The company organizes online designer collection shows that allow members to directly order clothing from collections shown at Fashion Weeks around the world. Moda Operandi sends pre-orders to designers and members receive their clothes six months later. Moda Operandi founders Aslaug Magnusdottir and Lauren Santo Domingo …

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The Whiz Kids

In October 1945, at his Ford Motor Company office in Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford II received a telegram from Charles “Tex” Thornton, a colonel in the United States Air Force. The telegram gave Ford the opportunity to employ a statistical control system that had been developed and successfully applied in the management of the Army …

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Lufa Farms

In 2013, Mohamed Hage, founder of the Lufa Farms umbrella farm, thought that his company had reached a level of maturity where scaling the business model was the next logical step. Having already owned two greenhouses in Canada, he looked to other locations in the US Although Lufa Farms highlighted the company’s advanced growth technologies …

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VP Group: Vegpro Grows Beyond Kenya

In 2013, Kenya’s vice president horticultural growers and exporters group weighed potential expansion opportunities against growing risks in its producing and export markets. At US $ 121 million in 2012, the VP Group has grown rapidly in recent years by expanding its vegetable and flower production beyond Kenya to Ethiopia and Ghana; Research new products …

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