A Note on Leases

This technical note explains how leases are accounted for in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification 842. This new addition to generally accepted accounting principles in the United States is effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2019. The note contains a comprehensive treatment of a lessee’s accounting for short-term, operating and finance leases and …

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PolyMedica Corp. (A)

The Securities and Exchange Commission and investors provide the practice of PolyMedica Corp.

Albergo del Mare

Instructors planning to teach this case online can request the “Notice on Developing a Lesson Plan for an Online Class” (Product TCG338). While this note is not specific to this case, it does provide some general ideas about online teaching that you may find helpful in developing the online lesson plan for this case.

Off-Balance Sheet Leases in the Restaurant Industry

Amid growing concerns from credit bureaus about off-balance sheet liabilities, an analyst from a major credit rating agency was asked to give a talk on off-balance sheet liabilities, the strategic analysis between leasing and buying. real estate, and lease accounting.

Universal Display Corporation: Go Long or Short?

In this case, the student will be asked whether a portfolio manager should take a long or short position in the shares of Universal Display Corporation (PANL). The stock is polarizing as reasonable arguments could be made for both long and short positions. The case suggests a series of steps an analyst might take when …

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Deferred Taxes at Obadiah Vineyard

Obadah Vineyard owners prepare financial statements in accordance with GAAP to help them raise funds to plant additional acres. Homeowners deal with deferred taxes and differences between the tax and accounting books.

Quality of Earnings

Provides a discussion of the quality of return characteristics, the relationship to the return multiplier, application and measurement, volatility, and risk affecting the quality of return.

Sino-Forest (B)

Excerpts from a hedge fund report accusing a Chinese bond company of using fraudulent financial statements.

Lind Equipment

Lind Equipment defaulted on its loan agreements with its senior bank lender in the summer of 2008, just six months after the acquisition. Although the senior bank debt represented only 6% of the capital used in the acquisition and was fully guaranteed, it exercised its right to suspend payments to Lind’s junior lender, who financed …

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BreatheScreen Inc. Transaction Analysis and Financial Statements

Dr. John Anderson plans to license a technology to develop a device that helps doctors detect cancer early. Patients would breathe directly into the device, which analyzes a user’s breathing for traces of key compounds associated with the most common cancers. In addition to eliminating the need for invasive biopsy procedures, the screening tool would …

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