The Incentive for Legacy: Tsinghua University Education Foundation

Vivian Yuan aims to support the fundraising efforts and investment goals of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation in a new era of Chinese higher education. Competing with the elite C9 League members of China’s top universities, she must develop a range of incentives and benefits for alumni and unaffiliated donors that can fill gaps in …

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Caterpillar Inc. Taps the Chinese Bond Market

An MBA graduate prepares for a possible interview with Caterpillar Inc. by reading about the company’s long history of heavy equipment manufacturing in China and its continued optimism about the heavy equipment market in that country. He also learns that the company has financed some of its business and growth in China by issuing bonds …

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Chardonnay Shortage at Mondavi Winery

The Mondavi winery is battling the Chardonnay wine shortage. This deficiency will disrupt your positioning in wine cellars and affect your results. It allows students to discuss how these temporary but financially significant shocks can be communicated to the capital markets and other Mondavi stakeholders. Mondavi’s problems in meeting previous earnings forecasts below also allow …

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KTM – Venture Capitalist Exit

KTM is a small motorcycle manufacturer based in Austria. Due to the difficult economic environment, KTM went private in 1999 with the help of venture capital firm BC European Capital (BC). After several years of strong growth, BC tries to liquidate its position and move on. KTM faces the decision to find the best means …

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IDFC India: Infrastructure Investment Intermediaries

The Indian financial intermediary, comparing international capital with local infrastructure, decides how to reconcile the range of services, risk-adjusted returns, pressure on margins, and nation building. IDFC has been licensed with partial ownership by the Government of India to help evaluate policies and provide a model of how private finance can be attracted to public …

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CML Group, Inc.: Going Public (B)

It includes a description of some of the issues CML Group management faces as the company moves forward with its IPO. Topics and issues addressed in this case include: Considerations in selecting an underwriting team, The IPO market; IPOs as a mechanism for private investors to reap their investments; and short-term management responses to changing …

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Barbara Krakow Gallery (B): Art and the Pandemic

It updates Case (A) by describing the initial impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the art market, the gallery’s renaming to Krakow’s Witkin Gallery, and the response of its partners and staff to the pandemic.

International Securities Exchange: New Ground in Options Markets

This case examines the stock option market and examines the key parties involved and the options trading process. Delve into the path the International Stock Exchange took when it entered a mature trading industry and became a major competitor. The concepts of liquidity and transaction costs are presented.