Johnsonville Foods

It describes Ralph Stayer’s decision to leave active management at the company, his decision to return to the presidency, and Johnsonville’s reorganization into customer-centric teams.

Steve Mariotti and NFTE

Less than three years ago, Steve Mariotti founded NFTE, a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged youth develop entrepreneurship. The organization has achieved national recognition and offers a variety of programs with a budget of nearly half a million dollars. He’s still sold out at Mariotti’s apartment. Mariotti begins to feel the stress of rapid growth …

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Moods of Norway

It describes a young fashion company that competes in a number of unconventional ways, many of which are tied to “business experience.” Moods showcases its brand using the “boy band” images of the three founders and designs eccentric features on its clothing to win over customers even if they can’t spend on marketing like its …

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Keroche (F): Future Growth Plans

This case describes Keroche co-founder Tabitha Karanja’s decision in 2012 to invest in additional production capabilities. In November 2012, Keroche began building a new, state-of-the-art brewery with German technology with a loan from Barclays Bank. The new plant, completed in March 2015, significantly increased Keroche’s beer production capacity. The company also made investments to increase …

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Note on Attracting Stakeholders

Acquiring resources or, more generally, attracting stakeholders, is a fundamental business task. While every business needs employees, customers, suppliers, and financiers who are willing to risk time and money, it is a particularly difficult challenge to win over these “stakeholders” for a business enterprise. This note describes first the importance of the challenge and then …

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Myomo: Getting Sales in Motion

In late 2012, the management team at Myomo, a startup that had developed a single arm myoelectric orthosis for patients with dysfunctional arms, decided which of the three proven sales models the company should follow as a future sales strategy. Each model had its own unique benefits and risks. The team planned to thoroughly examine …

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BulkWhiz: Negotiating as a Startup Founder in the UAE

This case follows Amira Rashad in founding BulkWhiz, a Dubai-based bulk food delivery platform. After its launch in September 2017, BulkWhiz has seen rapid growth of 30 percent per month in the United Arab Emirates. Despite this initial success, just nine months later, Rashad is in a critical phase with a series of internal and …

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