Pandesic: The Challenges of a New Business Venture (A)

Pandesic is a joint venture between SAP and Intel with the goal of developing turnkey information architectures for market research companies. The case examines the problems in the development of the joint venture from the perspective of its general management. Describe the development of your strategy and organization. At the end of the case, performance …

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Kiwi Transportation Company

The transition of a business from parent to child can often lead to new strategic directions for a business. New leaders must face past problems and new challenges facing the company. One of the most fundamental problems second-generation leaders face is evaluating new opportunities. Which ones are feasible, which ones are not, and how do …

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Growing Pains at Stroz Friedberg

In late spring 2009, Stroz Friedberg co-chairs Edward Stroz and Eric Friedberg had to set growth targets for 2010. The leading global consulting firm they had created specialized in managing digital risk and discovering evidence. digital and had grown very rapidly. Together with the company’s chief financial officer, they believed the company could grow from …

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Clarion Optical Co.

It focuses on two people’s attempts to acquire Clarion Optical Co. Forces students to consider alternative ways to finance the purchase; Generate proforma cash flows to evaluate the viability of these proposals; Estimate the sources and magnitudes of the financial return for each of the parties involved; and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the …

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Jim Sharpe: Extrusion Technology, Inc. (A)

Jim Sharpe, 11 years after receiving his MBA from Harvard and working for others, is finally his own boss and 100% owner of a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles. After 10 months of unfunded search, he acquires the company in an LBO and prepares to face his employees on the first day.

Home Essentials: Building a Global Service Business with Local Operations

Chris Exline founded Home Essentials, an expatriate furniture rental company in Singapore, but quickly moved to Hong Kong. The company was very successful in Singapore and Hong Kong and then pursued rapid global expansion. As there was no framework for deciding which candidate countries to choose and provide services in each country, Exline used instinct. …

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Barbara Krakow Gallery (B): Art and the Pandemic

It updates Case (A) by describing the initial impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the art market, the gallery’s renaming to Krakow’s Witkin Gallery, and the response of its partners and staff to the pandemic.

DONG Energy: Clean and Reliable Energy

The head of Denmark’s largest energy company wondered how it could use its limited resources to drive clean and reliable energy delivery. The Danish state company DONG Energy started its career as an importer and trader of gas and oil. Under the leadership of the current CEO, Anders Eldrup, the company has grown into an …

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