Tabular Labs 2018

Tubular Labs co-founders Allison Stern and Rob Gabel jumped into the field of video analytics and faced the challenge of figuring out what data could be tracked, what companies needed, and how best to market their consulting services. By 2018, Tubular’s technology was pulling data from billions of videos across dozens of platforms, including YouTube, …

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Corey Leibow drove his car back to Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, California. As president and CEO of Mercado, a company that provided search and merchandising technology for retail websites, he had just met with another venture capital (VC) firm to raise a Series E Fundraising round of funding in the amount of 26 …

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Richter: Information Technology at Hungary’s Largest Pharma

The director of information technology (IT) at Ritcher, a large Hungarian pharmaceutical company with branches throughout Eastern Europe, is planning the IT department for the next few years. The top three considerations for the coming year are: Is the current IT structure adequate for the growing demands of the overall organization? To what extent should …

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Relational Data Models in Enterprise-Level Information Systems

Provides an overview of some important aspects of relational data models that underpin today’s business information technologies, such as: B. Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. Key concepts discussed include relational data and integration. A stylized example is provided.

Enterprise IT at Cisco (2004)

It illustrates the challenges of centralizing IT decisions at Cisco after a decade of decentralized planning and project financing. When Brad Boston became Cisco’s new CIO in 2001, he found managers frustrated with the results of his recent IT initiatives. Boston believed that Cisco needed to focus on its global infrastructure before investing in functional …

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Arck Systems (D)

The Arck Systems case series describes the dilemmas a senior sales manager faces when setting up a sales compensation plan at an enterprise software company. The existing compensation plan is aggressive and highly rewards “star” performers. The cases track a series of changes the manager makes to the sales compensation plan in response to the …

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PFM Devices – Complex Project Initiatives

In early 2006, it became clear that PFM Devices posted a significant decline in consolidated earnings across its three international business units. To address this issue, the management team asked the newly hired CIO to evaluate both options: implement a customer relationship management solution to increase sales or a corporate data warehouse to reduce costs. …

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