Leadership Under High Pressure

When faced with a corporate crisis, managers must operate under conditions that are fundamentally different from those found in normal management processes. You may need to work with specialized teams and understand their priorities and decision-making processes without giving up your own responsibilities. The following case simulation confronts participants with a growing crisis situation in …

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BotGo: Growing Pains

BotGo was founded in 2007 by Ravi Panchal, an engineer after losing motivation to continue a leadership role in his work. Panchal, a skilled technician, was inspired to create an underwater tank cleaning robot. He started BotGo with his savings and recruiting his friends for key positions in the company. He also started university robotics …

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Grand Circle Travel: Where Risk Comes with the Territory

A global travel company is naturally exposed to the risks of natural and man-made disasters. How do you organize a business successfully when it has to deal with dangers, from small breakdowns to major disasters, almost every day? Alan and Harriet Lewis have created a successful travel company based on their idea of ​​”extreme competitive …

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Jim Sharpe: Extrusion Technology, Inc. (A)

Jim Sharpe, 11 years after receiving his MBA from Harvard and working for others, is finally his own boss and 100% owner of a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles. After 10 months of unfunded search, he acquires the company in an LBO and prepares to face his employees on the first day.

NASA After Challenger: Restoring an Image

In the days after the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew in January 1986, NASA officials were reluctant to communicate with the media or the public. A siege mentality prevailed, and the press and the public reacted with intense criticism and inquiries. The case describes NASA’s harmonious relationship with the pre-Challenger media …

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Finova Group, Inc. (A)

Finova Group, a $ 14 billion commercial finance firm, filed for Chapter 11 in early March 2001 in one of the largest bankruptcy filings of all time in the United States and the largest corporate bond bankruptcy since Great Britain. Depression. While in Chapter 11, Finova became the subject of heated bidding competition. As part …

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FAG Kugelfischer : A German Restructuring

A large German manufacturer of ball bearings and precision machinery has run into serious financial difficulties due to poor management practices, a hasty takeover of a former East German ball bearing company and a downturn in the industry. The company is hiring a German professional restructuring manager who has been involved in “American-style” liquidation practices …

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