ZMET Research Process

The steps of the ZMET interview are listed and defined, as well as information on the use of the data.

Consumer Behavior Exercise (C)

Students are instructed to conduct an in-depth interview with a recent high-engagement / self-expressing buyer of a product or service about their purchase decision. The activity provides students with a first-hand understanding of key consumer choice concepts (eg, stages of the buying process, decision-making roles, habit versus consideration).

Alcatel-Lucent: Marketing the Cell Phone as a Mobile Wallet

AlcatelLucent (ALU) was preparing to launch a new business: mobile payment services. Mobile payment comprises cash transactions between consumers and merchants or between consumers using their mobile phones. The emergence of a new technology in which ALU had strong expertise in Nearfiled Communication (NFC) presented a great opportunity as analysts expected the mobile payments market …

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Pacific Salmon Co., Inc.

RRR, a $ 1 billion private equity fund, is trying to determine how much to bid for Pacific Salmon Inc. and how to finance the acquisition.

SafeGraph: Selling Data as a Service

In January 2021, the CEO of SafeGraph, a four-year-old startup selling data as a service, looked to the future. His goal was to become the most reliable source of data on a physical location. The company provided points of interest (POI) and pedestrian traffic data for nearly 7 million businesses in the US and Canada …

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New Hope Liuhe: Building an Integrated Agri-Food Business

In October 2018, LIU Chang (Angela), president of Beijing-based New Hope Liuhe (NHL), reflected on the company’s strategy. With sales of $ 9 billion and a presence in nearly 20 countries, NHL was China’s largest animal feed manufacturer and one of the leading producers and processors of pork and poultry. The company also marketed a …

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Wal-mart Sustainability Through Lightbulbs: Flickering Out?

Compact fluorescent lamps were a hallmark of Walmart’s sustainability efforts, and while Walmart’s goal of selling 100 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) was met in October 2007, the success actually showed how few CFLs were impregnated. . With more than 100 million households in the United States, this impressive result averaged less than one CFL …

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Augusta National Golf Club Controversy (A)

The secret membership of the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club is widely believed to exclude women. When feminist lawyer Martha Burk receives a mysterious list of “members”, she has to decide how best to use this information to break the glass ceiling. Burk of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) takes on Hootie Johnson …

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