Peace Games: A Non-Profit’s Journey from Birth to National Expansion (A)

As a freshman at Harvard University in 1992, Eric Dawson began working on a social project called Peace Games, a one-day festival that teaches school-age children about peace and cooperation. However, Dawson had bigger ideas for the show. Working first at Harvard and then through the independent nonprofit he founded, Dawson Peace Games transformed from …

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Darden Business Publishing Gets Lean (B)

A consultant is hired to help an educational editor optimize production based on lean principles. In case B, the group prioritizes the problems it will address and determines how success will be measured.

IBM’s Reinventing Education (B): West Virginia

Describes IBM’s ongoing Reinventing Education initiative to improve K12 public education via information technology developed by IBM’s engineers and consultants. Focuses on one site, West Virginia, to reveal how IBM and the state created a mutually beneficial partnership that provided the basis for the next step of the initiativeReinventing Education 3.

Making the Grade (A)

It focuses on the dilemma of a young professor at a graduate school of business administration. He must decide what final grade he will give to a student who has worked very hard, but is limited by the school’s Forced Curve grading policy. Designed to examine the multiple purposes of performance measurement (motivation, evaluation, early …

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Super 30: Educating the Elite Poor

In the summer of 2019, S. K. Shahi and her daughter Meenakshi faced a difficult problem in New Delhi. India had 19 centers from its non-profit organization, the Center for Social Responsibility and Leadership. Also known as the “Super 30” program, this program offered 30 or sometimes 50 or 100 high school graduates, selected for …

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A Dean’s Dilemma: Selection of Students for the MBA Program

Easwaran Iyer, Dean of the Jain University School of Business, wanted to make sure that the right students were entering his Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, but was unsure what parameters could be used to identify the right ones. students who were ideal for the MBA program. Jain University received applications for the MBA …

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School Specialty, Inc.

In 2013, School Specialty was a provider of financially distressed educational products to elementary and middle schools in the United States. The company planned to file Chapter 11 to deal with its excessive debt burden, but had to organize debt financing to provide liquidity during bankruptcy. The company received a financing proposal from its existing …

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Sesame Workshop (C): Mission Critical Responses to Global and National Crises

Starting in March 2020, Sesame Workshop tackled a global pandemic and racial justice crisis that resulted in unemployment, business closings, school closings, and remote work. The executive director and team responded with a new partnership, leveraging its assets and stepping up its mission, including working with CNN to produce free television news specials for children …

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