Business Process Transformation at the CIA (Epilogue)

When Dick Calder was appointed director of the CIA (DA) in 1995, he was faced with the task of leading a beleaguered organization at a difficult time. As the unit charged with delivering its most glamorous intelligence to gather and analyze information, it has endured the worst part of a decade of agency budget cuts. …

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Domus Developments: To Build or Not to Build?

The project manager of a development company is thinking about the future of the next innovative development project, which was originally conceived in 2008, but has yet to be implemented for various reasons. The project manager wants to assess the project financially, including the company’s current cash position, should the company continue with the construction …

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America’s Budget Impasse, 2001-2020

America’s Budget Impasse, 2001-2020, draws on recent government documents to review America’s economic performance since 2001, the ideology and impact of the Bush tax cuts, Obama’s 2009 tax incentives, tax cuts of Trump in 2017 and President Trump’s budget proposal to examine fiscal year 2020.

Lomita Hospital

Instructors planning to teach this case online can request the “Notice on Developing a Lesson Plan for an Online Class” (Product TCG338). While this note is not specific to this case, it does provide some general ideas about online teaching that you may find helpful in developing the online lesson plan for this case.

Experiments in Public Procurement: Italy Buys in Bulk Sequel

Under pressure from the European Union, which had reluctantly accepted Italy into the “Eurozone” on the condition that the country control its deficit spending and reduce its high national debt, Italy’s central government launched dozens of austerity programs. in the late nineties and early nineties. 2000. One of these programs aimed to save billions of …

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The case, in a non-profit project-oriented environment, introduces basic risk management principles and processes that are easily applicable to the private sectors. Gentry Lee, chief systems engineer and de facto chief risk officer, applies a new comprehensive risk management system to a high-profile landing mission on Mars valued at $ 600 million. The case illustrates …

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Hanson Industries (B)

Provides a complete description of the processes used in creating a budget (annual operating plan). Based on fundamental product line decisions, management creates a budget that integrates production and marketing within financial means. The budget is the basis for internal management of operations and for negotiations with banks on seasonal financing.