BotGo: Growing Pains

BotGo was founded in 2007 by Ravi Panchal, an engineer after losing motivation to continue a leadership role in his work. Panchal, a skilled technician, was inspired to create an underwater tank cleaning robot. He started BotGo with his savings and recruiting his friends for key positions in the company. He also started university robotics …

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Durian Capital Inc.: Assignment (Master Programmes)

The case shows how the concepts of operations management can be applied to a service environment (as opposed to manufacturing). With private equity as a framework, the goal is to teach students how to use systematic processes and queue analysis to design professional services operations. Visit the website dedicated to the case for additional …

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Motorola, Inc.: Bandit Pager Project

Describes the development of a fully automated production line for the manufacture of radio pagers. The company rated the project as very successful; however, in that case it is clear that there were also some shortcomings. Some marketing issues were not adequately addressed and despite the company’s claims that the project would be completed in …

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Polymer Technologies Inc.

Polymer Technologies Inc. specializes in the integration of metal and plastic to manufacture limit switches, relays, and electromechanical products for the automotive industry. The program manager must decide whether or not to automate the production of a power car seat component, the seat switch substrate and, if the decision to automate is made, whether it …

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Boston Automation Systems, Inc.

Daniel Fisher, chief financial officer for Boston Automation Systems, is expected to review a series of accounting policies for revenue transactions following the publication of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Personnel Accounting Bulletin 101, “Revenue Recognition in Financial Statements.” Teaching purpose: Investigation of the criteria obtained and performed to recognize income.

Cybesecurity at FireEye: Human+AI

Analysts have often compared keeping up with cybersecurity threats to running on a treadmill, which is getting faster and faster. the runner is unable to move forward and often begins to slip backward and backward. In July 2020, this case will investigate how one of the world’s most recognized cybersecurity “brokers,” FireEye, implemented AI-based solutions …

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Universal Robotics Corp.

Three former colleagues created a company to design, develop, manufacture and market industrial robots. The essential questions relate to the origin, amount and form of the external capital investment, the allocation of equity capital and the conditions under which the external funds will be invested. A glossary is at the end of the case.

Business Process Mapping: The Darden School Mailroom

The Darden School mailroom and its manager’s activities are analyzed using waste identification and process mapping tools. The note illustrates how you can observe and analyze a process for which you identify possibilities to create process maps, assess potential for waste and savings, and build stakeholder buy-in for improvements. Lean tools discussed include process flow …

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KUKA: Planning for the Future of Automation

The case presents the most important current developments in automation and industrial robotics from KUGA AG, one of the largest automation companies in the world. One of KUKA’s clients, an automotive OEM, wants to invest in automation to expand its operations and meet growing demand, and the case opens the debate on how this company …

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