Antitrust Regulations in a Global Setting: The EU Investigation of the GE/Honeywell Merger

Helps students understand antitrust and competition policy principles related to the proposed GEHoneywell merger. The US Department of Justice has already approved the transaction and the European Commission is reviewing it. The Competition Commissioner, Mario Monti, must analyze the economic consequences of the planned merger and assess the effects on competitors, customers and product markets. …

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Du Pont’s Titanium Dioxide Business (E)

It gives students the opportunity to follow the evolution of the industry over time, examine the role of signage in that evolution, and create and validate industry scenarios.

Experiments in Public Procurement: Italy Buys in Bulk Sequel

Under pressure from the European Union, which had reluctantly accepted Italy into the “Eurozone” on the condition that the country control its deficit spending and reduce its high national debt, Italy’s central government launched dozens of austerity programs. in the late nineties and early nineties. 2000. One of these programs aimed to save billions of …

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Wheeling Cardiology Associates

Instructors planning to teach this case online can request the “Notice on Developing a Lesson Plan for an Online Class” (Product TCG338). While this note is not specific to this case, it does provide some general ideas about teaching online that you may find helpful in developing the online lesson plan for this case.

Legal Aspects of Pricing

This technical note examines some of the legal implications companies face when pricing their products. It focuses on the three major federal antitrust laws: the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Antitrust Act, and the RobinsonPatman Act. By learning the basics of these antitrust laws, those who read this notice will have a better idea of …

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Dollar General Bids for Family Dollar

In the spring of 2015, Rick Dreiling, CEO of Dollar General, anticipated his resignation at the end of the year, but was concerned about the continued growth of the company, which had become the leader in discount retail sales in the US since. 2008. Dollar General operated more than 11,500 stores in 40 states in …

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Market Consolidation in the Telecommunication Sector: Will LIME Survive?

This case study represents a situation where Garfield Sinclair, Managing Director of LIME Jamaica, a telecommunications provider, learned in March 2011 of a possible trade between market leader Digicel and its closest competitor Claro (the two largest LIME competitors). The unexpected deal threatens to create a new monopoly in the Jamaican telecommunications market. Ironically, LIME …

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Coca-Cola and Huiyuan (B): Antitrust Barriers to Buying Top Chinese Brands

The CocaCola Company (“CocaCola”) announced a plan in September 2008 to acquire China’s largest domestic juice producer, China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited (“Huiyuan”). This acquisition will increase CocaCola’s market share from 12.7% to 20.2% in the country’s juice market in the same year. With Huiyuan brand fruit juice among China’s most prominent domestic brands, the …

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