Zydus Wellness: Nutralite’s Marketing Twist

Case Solution

Falguni Vasavada-Oza, Smita Pranav Kothari, Sudiksha Patil
Ivey Publishing ()

Zydus Wellness Ltd. (Zydus), based in Ahmedabad, India, operates in the consumer goods sector and offers health and hygiene products and brands such as Sugar Free, Everyuth, Actilife and Nutralite. Zydus promoted its Nutralite margarine brand primarily through television commercials. Other communication strategies included digital marketing efforts and on-site activities. Nutralite entered a market dominated primarily by Amul butter and positioned itself in its marketing communications as a healthier alternative to butter. With Amul, Nutralite faced a strong legacy and loyalty to the brand that Amul had created in the marketplace over the years. The market investigation found that consumers were not sure what type of product Nutralite was. In late 2017, Zydus’s chief marketing officer was faced with several challenging questions: How should the brand establish its identity? After more than a decade on the market, should Nutralite promise more than just health? In short, how could the company transform this transactional relationship with its consumers and increase its market share?

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