Zeta Mining: Walking the Dragline

Case Solution

Scott McCarthy
Ivey Publishing ()

Zeta Mining, one of the world’s largest metallurgical coal producers, operates several mines in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, Australia. The company has invested around AU $ 8 billion in the region. Before coal can be mined, rubble, rocks, and other geological debris must be removed, and this is typically done using tow lines imported from the United States and built on site, which is a significant investment of time. and money. In 2012, Zeta’s CFO hired the Bowen Basin project evaluation manager to decide whether one of the 3,400 tonne draglines should “run” four miles to another mine or if outside contractors should be hired to remove the overburden from that mine. . To do this, the director had to perform an incremental comparative analysis using the net present value method. The CFO will then use the analysis and any other relevant factors to make a final decision.

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