Yes Bank Limited: Too Big to Fail?

Case Solution

J Ramachandran, Savithran Ramesh
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

The case traces Yes Bank’s rapid evolution from a new private bank in 2003, seen a decade later as a very successful midsize bank, to significant governance challenges that eventually resulted in burgeoning distressed assets (NPAs) and a possible collapse that required a government bailout. . He also briefly goes into the details of the rescue plan to rescue the bank. The case is useful for a discussion of the bank’s founder’s decisions over the years that resulted in phenomenal growth, but could also have led to its ultimate collapse. This allows discussion of the role of the various corporate governance mechanisms that function in an organization (for example, generally expected governance objectives. The case also provides an opportunity to discuss the justifications for a regulator, especially when it may have the rights of the regulator. Restrict the shareholders of an organization.

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