Yates Control Systems: Will the Bank Make the Loan?

Case Solution

David House
Ivey Publishing ()

In early April 2017, the newly appointed Business Account Manager at the London, Ontario branch of the Confederation Bank of Canada reviewed a CA $ 1,500,000 long-term loan application. The president of Yates Control Systems (YCS), an engineering company focused on providing automation solutions for manufacturing companies, requested the loan to finance the purchase of new equipment for her company as part of a strategic expansion plan. The president of YCS was a long-time customer of the bank and expected a decision on the loan in the next few days; otherwise, the expansion of YCS could be delayed. However, the bank manager should ensure that the loan application approval is financially feasible for the bank and that the YCS $ 50,000 line of credit, which has not been used for several years, is still sufficient.

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