Xinke: Transforming Service through the Crowd Innovation Space

Case Solution

Haibo Hu, Haitao Lu, Tao Huang, Chunbing Mao, Etayankara Muralidharan, William Wei
Ivey Publishing ()

Xinke was founded in late 2014 and used a crowdfunding cafeteria model to provide a communication platform between entrepreneurs and investors. In June 2015, Xinke worked with a leading real estate company to create a crowdfunding cafe and received funding from Around in August 2016, resulting in the establishment of a crowdfunding fund and the creation of a crowdfunding media platform. self-access. Xinke had opened a high-quality shared office to provide comprehensive services such as funds, advertising, and venues for local businesses. It had a network of Crowd Innovation Space (CIS) platforms in various cities in China and started to build a nationwide CIS platform. Could the ecology of mass innovation developed by Xinke give new vitality to the development of the CIS? How should Xinke’s green collective innovation strategy be improved? How could Xinke realize professionalization and improvement of mass innovation ecology?

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