WWF and Greenpeace: Two Strategies to Save the Arctic Ocean

Case Solution

Jordan Mitchell, Isaac Sastre Boquet, Govert Vroom, Ramon Casadesus-Masanell

This case describes the two main environmental NGOs: WWF and Greenpeace. The different approaches of these organizations to the conservation of the Arctic Ocean are analyzed. Ask to what extent these two organizations should work together with very similar goals but very different strategies. First, the case allows an analysis and discussion of how the non-profit sector works by focusing on two very large non-profit organizations working in the same area (environmental protection). Terms like value, customer and many others even “business success” are understood very differently in this field. Furthermore, the charitable nature of these organizations affects the way they conduct their business and how they behave in their “market”. Thus, the case provides an excellent opportunity to examine the extent to which conventional market concepts and business wisdom can be applied to nonprofits.

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