Wilderness Safaris: Ecotourism Entrepreneurship

Case Solution

James E. Austin, Megan Epler Wood, Herman B. Leonard
Harvard Business School ()

Wilderness Safaris sees itself as a nature conservation company that is built on a business model of offering high-quality wildlife safaris at superior prices in various locations in Africa. It relies on the functioning of healthy ecosystems for its long-term viability as a business and invests heavily in conservation efforts, both directly with communities and governments, as well as with partners and competitors. It could reach the saturation of the high-price, high-price, low-volume luxury travel product in its existing locations, cheap product. As a publicly traded company, Wilderness Safaris can find a sustainable growth path that will allow you to grow your business profitably and serve the interests of your shareholders while meeting your primary goals of protecting and investing in ecosystems and communities. on which their services are based. reach?

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