Why Can’t I Use My iPhone at Work?: Managing Consumerization of IT at a Multi-National Organization

Case Solution

Frank Weiss, Jan Marco Leimeister
Journal of Information Technology ()

As IT innovations have emerged in the consumer market in recent years, employees have more experience in their private lives than they do in business use of innovative IT devices and applications. Employees who are familiar with the benefits of consumer products expect their corporate IT to provide them. This trend, known as the “consumerization of IT,” means that more and more consumer innovations are infiltrating businesses. Consumer mobile devices, in particular, are currently spreading across enterprises, driven by top management, and pose several challenges to CIOs around the world: ‘What IT costs are associated with with the use of consumer mobile devices? ‘,’ How will the use of mobile devices in companies affect IT management? “And” How can you introduce an IT service for business and private mobile devices? ”. The OMEGA Group, a multinational company with 50,000 employees, wants to use the potential of mobile devices for corporate purposes. Therefore, these questions must be addressed and answered by your CIO. The case study aims to present the characteristics of consumerization and the associated challenges for IT management. The case uses selected information systems methods and frameworks.

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