Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Case Solution

John R. Wells, Travis Haglock
Harvard Business School ()

Can a short-sleeved college dropout wearing sandals start a business that expresses love, joy, and happiness? Chainsaw John Mackey did it. This CEO took a five-month sabbatical to hike the Appalachian Trail. Other references: Sales area of ​​$ 690 and increasing. Team hiring and voting that requires a two-thirds majority. 1980 single store in Austin, Texas; 144 stores in 2004. A seven-year record on Fortune’s list of America’s Best Places to Work. Team hiring is required with a two-thirds majority. Incentives based on the bottom line. Moral surveys. No salary greater than eight times the average salary. So how did John Mackey Chainsaw come to be christened John Mackey?

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