Web Strategies and Site Traffic Generation

Case Solution

Luis Ferrandiz, Rosa Fernandez-Velilla, Julian Villanueva

Strongly enriched by the Internet, the customer purchase decision process has changed. Until a few years ago, the decision-making process in the purchase process of a person or company that wanted to buy a product or service was more limited, since the possibilities of obtaining information were limited to the so-called media (television, radio, press) and personal recommendation. The fact that our potential customers can obtain information from the Internet forces us today to pay more attention to the online environment. We need to know, understand and find formulas that speed up the purchase decision process. For all these reasons, the Internet has become an indispensable medium. The purpose of this technical note is to publicize the online world and the strategies and tactics that help us make our products and services more visible and establish closer contact with our customers.

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