Walmart’s Omnichannel Strategy: Revolution or Miscalculation?

Case Solution

Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Karen Elterman
Harvard Business School ()

This case describes Walmart’s omnichannel strategy in 2018 in the battle over Amazon for market share in online retail. The case looks at Walmart’s early forays into online retail, as well as its 2018 strategy to integrate Walmart’s massive local presence into its growing e-commerce business, such as: Walmart’s strategy also included the acquisition of (in 2016), as well as the acquisition of a number of other specialty retailers (e.g.,, Moosejaw, Bare Necessities) and digital native vertical brands that developed and sold their own products directly. to consumers like ModCloth, Bonobos and Eloquii. In addition to building its online marketplace, Walmart hoped to leverage its existing assets, such as its vast network of retail stores and thriving grocery store, in the battle against Amazon. The case begs the question: Could Walmart successfully compete against Amazon and other online retailers in areas such as grocery delivery, product selection, shipping costs, and delivery times?

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