VOSS Artesian Water from Norway

Case Solution

Youngme Moon, Gail McGovern, Vincent Dessain, Daniela Beyersdorfer
Harvard Business School ()

VOSS is a Norwegian mineral water company that produces one of the purest drinking waters in the world, sold at an ultra-premium price in a slim cylindrical glass bottle with a minimalist design. In the US (the company’s core market), VOSS ‘high-end brand presence is strongest at on-premises locations, especially in first-class restaurants, hotels and clubs. Recently, the brand began to penetrate the channel off-site. In June 2007, Ole Christian Sandberg, founder and director of US Operations for VOSS, how the brand should grow. The central question is whether VOSS should increase its distribution on the external channel: will this lower VOSS’s high-end brand seal of approval? Linked to this is the question of whether VOSS should start expanding its portfolio, for example by offering flavored water for the rapidly developing US bottled water market.

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