Voice War: Hey Google vs. Alexa vs. Siri

Case Solution

David B. Yoffie, Liang Wu, Jodie Sweitzer, Denzil Eden, Karan Ahuja
Harvard Business School ()

Until early 2018, voice-controlled smart assistants were a major new front in the battle between the giants of the tech industry. Voice War focuses on Alphabet’s strategy for the Google Assistant, its newest addition to the voice assistant space, and asks how the voice assistant will fit into Alphabet’s broader portfolio of products and services. While the mobile phone was the primary platform for Google Assistant, Alphabet had recently introduced a range of smart home speakers to challenge the echo of Amazon’s Echo of Devices, powered by its smart assistant Alexa. Google also got competition from Apple, whose Siri smart assistant was an integral part of its mobile devices for a long time, but which launched a smart home speaker in early 2018. Other competitors included Microsoft and Samsung, as well as Chinese gamers. Tencent, Alibaba and Xiaomi.

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