Verona Group

Case Solution

Robert L. Simons, Sarah L. Abbott
Harvard Business School ()

Are a saleswoman’s struggles her own fault or the result of problematic job design? Anna George works as a salesperson for the Verona Group, a company that designs and sells high-quality women’s clothing. She had worked in sales for another fashion brand for almost 20 years and was highly regarded in the industry. The Verona Group hired her to reinforce her small but growing presence in the western United States. However, in her first two years with the company, George did not meet her sales targets and she received mixed ratings from customers in the Verona Group’s annual customer service survey. As Emilio Chao, the head of the Verona sales team, discusses George’s performance appraisal and discusses George’s situation with Catherine Edwards, director of HR at the Verona Group, wonders if the company should provide George with a extra support to help you be more successful. Or is George not a fit for the company?

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