VC Decision-Making in India: Aavishkaar and Milk Mantra (C)

Case Solution

Justin Randolph, Ilya Strebulaev
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

The case portrays protagonist Vineet Rai, managing partner of Aavishkaar Venture Management Services (an early-stage Indian venture capital firm with a focus on underserved rural regions and sectors) while discussing a follow-up investment in a portfolio company, Milk Mantra. The case provides an update on Aavishkaar’s previous fundraising efforts (Case B update) and then provides an overview of what has happened at Milk Mantra since Aavishkaar’s first investment (described in Case A). Since the advancements in Milk Mantra are a mixed bag, the case raises the question of whether Aavishkaar is worth increasing his investment and Milk Mantra footprint.

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