Valuing SoulCycle

Case Solution

Emily Breza, Andrew Hertzberg, Charles Jones
Columbia Business School ()

At the end of 2014, SoulCycle management prepared for the IPO. The high-end cycling studio, founded in Manhattan in 2006, planned to expand to 47 studios with locations in eight metropolitan markets by mid-2015. With a celebrity following and studios near or near full capacity, the management of SoulCycle hoped to open 10-15 studios per year in the future. But competition intensified in the niche segment of cycling and warning stories were heard in the broader segment of fitness such as those from Bally Fitness and DavidBartonGym. In this case, students consider how they can value SoulCycle and whether established fitness companies, sportswear manufacturers, or high-quality leisure and spa service providers would provide the best comparison to assess sales growth and development. by SoulCycle.

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