UTV and Disney: A Strategic Alliance (A)

Case Solution

Atanu Adhikari, Rama Deshmukh
Ivey Publishing ()

The case describes the dilemma faced by the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy when deciding in 2006 whether UTV Software Communications Ltd. (UTV) was going to enter into a joint venture with the Walt Disney Company (Disney), even if it meant the sale of Hungama TV, India’s leading children’s channel, to Disney. UTV was one of the leading media companies in India and had a variety of interests including TV content, movies, animation and new media content. Although UTV had opened operations in the United States, Great Britain and other countries two years earlier, its international presence was limited. The CEO of UTV wanted the UTV business to grow from 2 billion rupees to 5 billion rupees in 2008 and to 10 billion rupees in 2010. This seemed possible if UTV formed a strategic alliance with Disney. UTV believed that an alliance with Disney in India would help expand its business in all other industries in the world. On the other hand, Disney, a large multinational corporation, had several acquisitions. The UTV vice president was concerned that Disney’s interest in a strategic alliance could be part of a long-term plan to acquire the company and capitalize on its profitable business. Having established itself in the Indian media industry for the past 15 years, UTV has been able to collaborate with different companies in their various industries, thus reducing the risk of identity loss.

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