University Hospital: The Joint EP/CATH Lab Decision

Case Solution

Kevin A Schulman, Cindie Wu Gasper, David Scheinker
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

Health management requires careful planning to operate efficiently in an environment where technology, best practices, and patient needs continue to change rapidly. This case study represents an operations management decision at a large academic medical center in response to the decreasing demand for cardiac catheterization (CATH) procedures and the increasing demand for electrophysiology (EP) procedures, and requires students to consider all the aspects of the decision. Merging two currently separate but clinically similar laboratories into a contiguous physical space would allow for more efficient planning and operational efficiency in the common space and would have an impact on clinical outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction. In this case study, students analyze the operational decisions necessary to plan the merger of the two laboratories to meet the hospital’s operational, financial, and clinical goals, using a data set that is too large for manual analysis. The case asks students to create compelling visual representations of this data, use a discrete event simulation (DES) model, and present their results as they would to hospital management.

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