UK Government Digital Service: Moving Beyond a Website

Case Solution

David Eaves, Daniel Goldberg
Harvard Kennedy School ()

In 2011, the UK created a new government agency known as the Government Digital Service (or GDS). Faced with significant budget challenges, multiple high-profile IT disruptions, and increasing demands to “modernize” government services, the government has given GDS the mission to advocate for a “digital culture” in government and, ideally, unleash a wave of cost savings and innovation. . By 2012, GDS had identified billions in potential savings, centralized the government’s web presence into a single domain (called GOV.UK), and received rave reviews from technology commentators. However, those responsible for GDS felt that there was much more work to be done not only in modernizing public services, but also in convincing public services to focus more on implementation, user needs and services. digital. This case provides an overview of GDS’s work up to 2012 and addresses the strategy and change management issues facing the agency in its expansion. Case number 2106.0

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