Uber and Cornershop: An Acquisition in the Multi-sided Platform Space

Case Solution

Jorge Tarzijan
Ivey Publishing ()

In mid-2020, Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber) acquired the Latin America-based Cornershop mobile app, which offered online grocery purchases to consumers at home. Technology companies based on multifaceted platforms participated in the operation. Uber, which focused on brokering passenger transportation, had expanded to include companies like Uber Eats for restaurant meal delivery, while Cornershop focused on the purchase and delivery of supermarket products. Walmart recently tried to acquire Cornershop, but Mexican antitrust authorities refused to approve the acquisition. Uber’s acquisition of Cornershop presented significant management challenges. What were the main sources of value? Should the two companies operate separately or as joint units? Would Walmart be a better fit for Cornershop? What was the best strategy to grow in this diverse business environment?

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