Two Interpersonal Challenges

Case Solution

Alexander Tauber, H. Irving Grousbeck, C.G. Prober
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

In this case, two important examples from Stanford Hospital are used. In the first, Joe Kelly is diagnosed with fast-growing lung cancer and quickly undergoes a series of chemotherapies. Joe’s journey includes talking to his wife, his son, and his doctor about his prognosis and treatment. Although Joe believes that he will be cured after the first chemotherapy, the doctor should report that the probability of relapse is high. In the second example, Tina and Beth, Ph.D. students at Stanford School of Medicine, compete for the attention of their medical director. Beth believes that Dr. Rivas Prefería Tina and in the fight for Dr. Riva many conflicts arise. After a while, it turns out that this conflict seriously affects the care of the two patients and Dr. Rivas has to sit down and discuss solutions.

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